The cult of convenience

I’m going to say something here that is not popular and may be controversial: convenience has no inherent virtue.

The value of convenience is the time/effort/attention it saves us that we can devote to something else more meaningful.

Yet sometimes it seems we’ve fetishised convenience so that it has become an unquestionable end in its own right.

There are three main problems with this that impact on happiness. Continue reading “The cult of convenience”

Finding your passion

You might read this title and think, wait, how can anyone need help finding their passion? If you’re passionate about something then surely you know it, maybe even can’t escape it, right?

Well….not always. For starters, we’re all super busy with the stuff of life – working, mowing the lawn, keeping little people fed/clean/alive, paying bills, fixing stuff around the house, switching energy providers, doing the admin of life, taking out the rubbish, and wait, is it already time to mow the lawn again?

It’s so easy to go from one thing to the next without having anything that is just for you, something you care about, something that allows you to learn and grow and develop and express yourself, something that gives you space to lose yourself in the flow of it. Continue reading “Finding your passion”

Dinner on the table – tips for busy parents

I think we’ve all been there: you’re walking in the door with your kids coming back from the nursery or childminder’s and a full day of work. You’ve got your bags and your kids school stuff (often with an oddly-shaped-but-extremely-fragile-and-difficult-to-carry craft project your kid made at school – what’s up with that?). You walk in, throw the stuff down, set the baby down, help the kid get his shoes off. All you really want to do is sit down and have a cup of tea and five minutes to yourself but you also know you needed to start dinner about five minutes ago and the baby has started chewing the legs of the furniture for good measure (no? just me?).

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