So if you’ve visited this website or read my blog before January 2018, you may notice some changes.

That’s because, quite simply, I decided to take HappyParent.org.uk in a different direction. I originally set this up to start my coaching practice, but I realised I wanted it to be more and less. 

More in the sense that I wanted to do more about happiness for parents than just coach. I also wanted to create a space that covered more topics in a practical and fun way, from the practical stuff of recipes to make and books to read to the more thought-provoking stuff of journal prompts, practical support around parenting, and ways to become happier.

Less in that I wanted to make sure my space was free of sales, self-promotion, and commercialisation. This is not about earning a living for me, but about all of us sharing our journey and finding ways we can be happier. In my own mind, I’ve started to refer to HappyParent as a movement rather than a business.

And that’s one of the important elements of HappyParent – it is not about me telling you what you need to do. But I can share my experience as I’m living it in a way that will hopefully give some ideas and inspiration for others.

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