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Homepage - sunny, outside, smiling, naturalI started Happy Parent UK because I really believe happiness is important in life. And sometimes it can take work to be truly, authentically happy. I explore topics relating to happiness and wellness that I want to learn myself, and through the blog I hope to provide a completely free resource for other parents of everything I learn from research, reading, coaching, and my own experiences.

I also wanted to provide an alternative to the employer-funded coaching programmes available. There are fantastic coaches out there, and completely admirable work happening around mental health in the workplace and for parents returning to work from parental leave. Unfortunately, a lot of these are outside of the reach of ‘average’ people – people like me. So I wanted to provide affordable coaching for parents who want to be happier.

So welcome. If you’re here, I’m guessing you are a parent who values your own happiness, which is awesome. I hope you find some inspiration if you follow my own happiness journey via my blog, and if you have any questions or just want to chat about anything here, please get in touch.

Animas Certified Coach

A little more about me

I am a mother of two wonderful boys. I work for a charity in London as my day job and volunteer locally as a breastfeeding counsellor. I am also an Animas Certified Coach, with a diploma in transformational coaching from Animas Centre for Coaching.

Happy Parent UK is my passion project, as I love learning about happiness. I also enjoy running, writing, hiking, yoga, reading, and meditation (though like most of us, I suspect, I don’t do nearly as much of these things as I would like).




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