Affordable coaching for happier parents

Sometimes, we all can benefit from an impartial, non-judgemental person on our side.

Someone we can talk to openly and who can help us see things differently, or gain some clarity, or figure out our next steps. Coaching is an incredibly powerful and effective way to do that.

And as parenthood comes with its own unique brand of challenges and opportunities, I wanted to specialise in working with parents.

As a parent myself, I appreciate all the different transitions we go through, and how helpful it can be to have a coach we can work with.

I also wanted to make sure my coaching services are affordable.

Maternity and paternity coaching is amazing, yet still often an option only for the most senior of working parents. I wanted to make sure I could offer free resources for parents who want to be happier, as well as affordable, quality, flexible coaching for parents who want to work with me but can’t afford the going rates.

If you’re interested but not quite sure, get in touch and we can arrange a free call or Skype session to discuss what you want to get from the coaching and how it might work.

Life coaching can help you in any number of ways, including (but not limited to):

  • get clarity
  • get perspective
  • get unstuck
  • realign your life
  • explore your options
  • change career
  • improve your existing career
  • improve your relationships
  • change unhelpful ways of thinking
  • change unhelpful behaviours
  • figure out your next step
  • support making a decision when you’re at a crossroads
  • manage your time
  • prioritise
  • create better work/life balance

How it works

The first step is a free call where we can chat about what you want to get from coaching, how I tend to work, and what works for you. Ultimately it’s a chance for you to find out if I’m the right coach for you. There is no obligation to work with me after this call.

If you decide to work with me after the first free consultation call, we can diarise our first proper session. The first session is sometimes helpful to have a little extra time. Most sessions will be 60 minutes or 90 minutes, depending on what you would prefer.

I usually charge £50 per 1-hour session, though I am happy to discuss packages, flexible pricing, and payment plans with you. We can discuss rates when we have our free consultation call.

What my clients have said

“Alison presented the purpose and process of life coaching so I knew exactly what to expect from the outset. Her ability to take in information, synthesize the underlying themes helped me identify what I was really thinking and feeling. The exercises she suggested aided in this process a great deal. Working with her allowed me to see things much more clearly, understand myself and make informed decisions without anxiety.”

– Client, male, 30something

“Alison is incredibly perceptive, empathetic, and professional. On some level, I really regret she helped me on my way so quickly as I would have enjoyed having more sessions. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone for coaching.”

– Female client, mother of one

“I will be forever indebted to Alison for what she has helped me to achieve.  Our coaching sessions far exceeded my expectations; Alison helped me escape from a set of thoughts that were paralysing me from moving forward.

Alison broke down what I saw as an insurmountable problem into less scary smaller chunks.  This ultimately allowed me to move past my fears and into an exciting space where moving forward was the only direction possible

Alison is a natural coach, she created an incredibly safe, open and non- judgemental space for me to talk freely about my hopes, fears and desires.  She is an exceptional active listener and offers a vast library of resources to offer additional help and support.

Highly recommended.”

– Female client





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