You’re a parent. You’re trying to live your best life. You deserve to be happy.

That’s what I believe, anyway, which is why I founded Happy Parent UK. I wanted to bring affordable, quality coaching to parents like me.

Parents who have full, busy lives they love but struggle to find time just for themselves.

Parents who love their families and still have dreams they want to fulfil, personally or professionally.

Parents who are fine tuning the balance and happiness in their lives, who could use some coaching to help them through the various transitions when things could use a tweak, or even a bigger change, like a new career.


I wanted to make sure I was offering coaching at an affordable price. All too often, quality maternity coaching for working mothers going on maternity leave and back to work is outside of our budgets. Or executive coaches in the city simply charge more than we can afford.

I wanted to make sure coaching for parents is more accessible, so I’ve removed that barrier by making my coaching services affordable for the average parent. I keep costs down and pass the savings onto other parents so they can get support at the right time.


I also know how it is having kids. Time has to be flexible. I work flexibly with my clients to find the right time and space for them – even if that means kids are playing in the background or a client is bouncing a baby on her knee while we talk. I try to accommodate times for sessions that suit my clients’ busy lives, and make sure we get the most out of our valuable time together. There’s no commute – I can coach clients in the comfort of their own homes, from the comfort of my own home.

Non-judgemental and supportive

There is no judgement like being a parent, am I right? Not here. Not in the coaching relationship. The coaching relationship is something sacred and unique – I am there for my clients, listening without judgement, and exploring what’s going on for you without judgement or agenda. This supportive, judgement-free environment means we can really delve beneath the surface and find meaningful insights and practical solutions.

Free resources

Because I genuinely want to help other parents and make happiness coaching as accessible as possible, I wanted Happy Parent UK to offer free resources for parents. These can be good for parents who aren’t quite ready or the right fit for coaching, or past clients who want to keep in touch with some of the coaching techniques.

On the Happy Parent UK blog, you can find everything from free self-coaching exercises, journal prompts, and activities on the blog, to tried-and-tested practical things like recipes. I share with you the ups and downs of what I’m learning as a working parent myself, trying to live a full and happy life.


 * Please note: The views I express here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.



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