Privilege is so often inherited or bestowed, not chosen, nor easily (or even possibly) relinquished.

It is not absolute; it is a luck of the draw how society decides what is privilege and what is a shortcoming, what can become a reason to be dis-empowered.

The world without privilege is the world where everyone can bring themselves into the world without fear.

It requires knowing and recognising the goodness in ourselves.

To feel.

We cannot choose to accept or reject our privilege. Eating everything on my plate will not feed the starving child in China.

Nor will starving myself.

What do the promptings of love and truth in my heart demand me to do with my privilege?

…to shoulder the full weight my able shoulders can withstand, and reduce the burden on others.

…to know that together we are like a jigsaw puzzle, and each of us owning our experiences, our voices, our selves, and that goodness only we can bring, together there will be something for everyone.

…understanding as much as possible, but speaking only the truths I am entitled to speak.

…to listen to the truths of others.

It is not collecting others’ experiences of privilege and dis-privilege like a magpie. There is no way to know all truth. We don’t move beyond privilege through voyeurism, appropriating, fetishising, or shaming others.

Trying to own another’s truth is another privilege.

But knowing the principles – knowing that there is goodness and truth in everyone, and knowing there is much I do not know… that my role will not be to speak for the other person, but to listen to that person speak… that we all love, and we all hurt – we can move through life with responsibility and accountability, each to his or her or their special ability and inclination.



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