While a lot of this site is about coaching, self-coaching, mindset, and perspective, sometimes it helps to get a really practical tip or a nutritious recipe. So here’s one of the super practical tips I’ve discovered: reusing old jars.

I used to keep particularly nice jars and use them as glass tumblers to drink from, but one only needs so many tumblers.

However, I was getting to a point where I desperately needed more food storage containers. That’s one of the impacts of eating more whole foods.

I’m also trying to go plastic-free, so am continuing to use any plastic tupperware I have until it’s worn out beyond use, and replacing any that does wear out with metal or plastic-free alternatives. For my birthday, I got a beautiful metal set for taking my lunch to work, and I love it.

BUT…it’s so expensive. I can’t just run out and order more plastic-free containers when I’ve run low. And it’s difficult to stick to plastic-free when there are cheap, plastic food storage containers at my usual grocery store.

The solution I found was reusing containers, particularly glass containers, like the one my Meridian all-natural peanut butter comes in or the little jar from the tahini I used when I made hummus the other week.

They wash easily and lose any lingering smell from their original residents (note: I tried keeping a Marmite jar to reuse but wouldn’t recommend). They’re the perfect size for lots of common storage needs, from taking grapes or sliced fruit to work to storing things in the fridge like chopped cucumber, half a lemon, or chopped shallots (see photo). I also use the glass jars for warming and frothing my milk for my coffee in the morning.

Thoroughly washed old glass spice jars are also great for taking my loose tea leaves with me to the office.

And the glass ones will wash forever, And both plastic and glass jars can be recycled eventually.

Once you start reusing them, the possibilities are endless! I went from having a real tupperware crisis a few weeks ago to having plenty of containers for storing leftovers and prepared ingredients.

And as an added bonus – preparing ingredients and storing them washed and cut in the fridge has made meal prep SO much faster and easier. What working parent couldn’t use that?

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